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Thursday, at the invitation of the Pennswood Village Social Justice Committee, I made a 45 minute presentation on gun violence and how we should address it.  I plan to post an essay based on the presentation that incorporates links to my source materials and to you tube video clips that pertain.

For those who saw the presentation and want to explore the source materials, here is a bibliography:

Gun Sense Bibliography

And here are the answers to the self-test …

Self test questionnaire

Question 6 is a trick to emphasize the importance of the secondary market in guns.  Because of the huge loophole that allows undocumented private transfers, virtually any gun is available without the participation of a licensed gun dealer, and without any permanent record of the transaction. Thus, none of the guns listed can “only” be purchased through a licensed gun dealer. The military weapons, the machine guns, and such may be transferred among and between Federally Licensed entities, but not sold to the public.

On question 8, gun advocates dispute the 32% and shrinking answer, preferring the 42%  number.  There has been a spike in handgun sales in the wake of recent news events.  But I think that it is still correct to say that the number of homes with guns is about the same or shrinking. The increase in sales is most likely gun enthusiasts buying items that were on their want list anticipating that the laws will be changed.

8/5/16 The essay is posted.  (click here).

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