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New Books!

I’ve recently published two new books. Escape is a collection of short fiction in the crime and humor genres. Credible? explores how readers in the 21st century can know what’s real and true in media. Both may be purchased at a discount from the list price by visiting

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Credible? — Recognize the authentic…

Cover of Credible? book.

This book, Credible?, asserts that anyone can tell what’s authentic simply by close inspection of the content and knowing the source. These pages are chock full of practical insights and tools to sharpen your ability to sniff out media that distorts reality. These ideas are neither obscure or difficult to master, and none require research or fact-checking.

When it comes to discerning truth, our credulity is a factor. To be truly street-wise about media, a person must also be aware of their internalized values, beliefs, and personality traits. Drawing upon the insights of Jung and general psychology, the authors point the way to self-awareness that reveals hidden biases and our human tendency to be less skeptical about information that bolsters what we believe. These same insights also reveal how we unintentionally tune out information that might change our attitudes and opinions.

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Escape Anthology

Tropical islands, small towns, and busy airports hold allure as getaways. But the promise of simple pleasures can hide unexpected perils.

An elderly widow responds to a frightening robocall. The ensuing conflict to recover her lost savings ensnares her son and his family in an epic fight for financial survival.

A casual happy-hour encounter turns embarrassingly intimate for a weary business traveler.

A prosecutor battles a jailed drug dealer’s desperate efforts to get free with murderous consequences.

An independent trucker down on his luck finds his guardian angel in the unlikely guise of a Harley-riding drifter.

A curious pothole appears in an old man’s driveway and grows relentlessly through the summer afternoon becoming sinister as darkness approaches.

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Gail Reeves Fisher’s Card

Graphic Arts (1 of 1)In organizing family photos for an historical family photo album, Gail Reeves Fisher found a charming old print showing family members out for a wagon ride in about 1912.  The photo and the story about it were just too good not to share widely, so she created these wonderful note cards.

Photoshop was used to improve the contrast and definition of the faces, and to enlarge the tiny original.  The cornermounts are also photoshop images that were rotated and superimposed over the cropped original photo image.  The background is a photo of parchment paper.

The old-time sepia color is authentic; this is a four color reproduction of a sepia print.  Congrats to Gail on creating a card that will be a conversation piece and a bit of family history.

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