What Fascists?

“The Marxists and Fascists in the DOJ & FBI are going after me at a level and speed never seen before in our Country, and I did nothing wrong. Joe Biden kept (keeps) thousand of documents, in many locations, some illegally taken from skiffs while he was a Senator, a big portion of which were classified. He didn’t want to give them back, and still doesn’t.”

Frankly, this quote from a DJT tweet is unremarkable, except that it provides an illustration of one of the disinformation plays in his playbook. “Fascist” is often used to aptly describe Trump’s political style. When an unflattering term hits home, the play is to use it strategically, that is misuse it to describe his opposition. Soon the meaning becomes fuzzy, and eventually the word doesn’t communicate anything but rancor.

There is a long list of such linguistic casualties, “woke” among them. Sadly, most who hear the term fascist don’t understand its meaning in a scholarly way; it becomes just another disrespectful expletive. The ploy: If you can’t shake the offensive label, render it meaningless.

Trump understands memes, derisive nicknames, bully humor, sarcasm, and innuendo–all of which are tools to slip deceit under the radar of reasoned thought.

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