“I’m from the IRS …”

The caller says she’s from the IRS and demands that you call back. It sounds menacing, but it’s just another telephone scam.  I recorded the one I received on May 1st, and you can listen here:

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Take notes of what’s said. You’ll need them to report the scam.

  2. Give no information about yourself.

  3. If you have caller ID, enter the phone number into the search window of your web browser.  There are several websites that provide reports on phone numbers that originate scams. I like Report The Call and 800Notes.

  4. Report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission.  Here’s the website: FTC Complaint Assistant

If it’s a phony IRS call also report it here:

What if you think it’s a legitimate call but aren’t sure?

Take down the caller’s name an phone number and offer to call back later.  Go to the official website of the company or government agency and get the public phone number there so you are sure you are not calling an impostor.  Call and ask for person who called you or explain that your are trying to validate a call you received.

People working these scams will generally cut you off and hang up when they know you are suspicious. Legitimate callers don’t mind that you are being cautious.