The Yearly Sift

Those who follow my posts know that I am a regular reader of Doug Muder’s Weekly Sift. His analysis is well grounded and reflects the sort of critical thinking I admire. He says, “…prognostication has never been the primary purpose of the Weekly Sift. (In fact, one of my major criticisms of mainstream media is that it spends too much time on speculation, rather than telling us what is happening and why.) Primarily, I’m trying to cut through the hype and propaganda to focus my readers’ attention on what is real and give them tools to think about it effectively. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to know what will happen next, because I certainly don’t.”

Muder, unlike many other bloggers, does not go for “click bait” hype and drama. He looks to see what’s hard to understand and interpret and tackles it head-on. He reads widly. He thinks. He’s disciplined. When he doesn’t know, he says so. All of which make his blog worthy of time and thought.

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