Marguerite’s Email Hacked

Marguerite opened an email that appeared to be from Apple. Although she doesn’t recall the details, it was very authentic looking and she never doubted it’s authenticity.  She followed the instructions and though nothing of it.

But the email was a “spoof” and allowed the sender to capture Marguerite’s iCloud credentials and log in on her account and steal her address book. Using the stolen addresses the thief sent a fraudulent appeal for money to everyone in the address book.

Here is the full story: (click here)

Here is a news item about the scam: (Guardian Article)



One thought on “Marguerite’s Email Hacked”

  1. It is really easy to get sucked in by phony email scams. I have gotten to the point where I do not open links. IF it is important and real, I’ll get contacted again.

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