Lots of Laughs

An obscure story that DJT had mini-strokes and was rushed to Walter Reed was dismissed by most of us as speculation and rumor. When the story resurfaced with the embellishment that VP Pence has been alerted to be ready to assume presidential powers, DJT fired off a flurry of angry tweets that brought the story back into the mainstream.

When Bret Baier of the Fox News Channel asked Pence about the event, Pence said he didn’t “recall” if he had been asked to be on standby.

Does that ring true? When your main official job is to be prepared to assume the president’s duties and then, after three and a half years of staying informed and ready, you are actually alerted that the moment may be at hand, a hugely significant and dramatic event if it ever happens, wouldn’t it tend to stand out and be memorable?

Pence’s lie is transparent and laughable. Of course, the effect of DJT’s gratuitous tweets, and Pence’s obvious dodge, is to confirm beyond any reasonable doubt that the rumor was fact, not fake news.

It must be hard to live in that world of illusion, smoke, and mirrors, immersed in a perpetual fog bank where one needs to keep track of what the “alternative facts” are.