Dangerous to Democracy

For years I’ve been shocked that so many Americans are willing to excuse or ignore the behaviors that signal that the former president is a menace. Here The Atlantic presents some of the public pronouncements that should be revolting to anyone who loves what our country aspires to be.

If the word “Unhinged” bothers you in the title, I suggest you read Steve Nolan’s book American Carnage – An Officers Duty to Warn. Steve passionately believes that the former Commander in Chief would be found mentally unfit for military service were he a soldier. He says, “I would be obligated to discharge [any person who makes certain statements Trump has made] from the military.

People’s statements and actions reflect their character and values. What values do the facts about Trump’s actions and public statements reveal?

This assessment is not news. For more than a decade, those who know the GOP candidate well, know he’s not to be trusted with the levers of power. The danger is real.

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