Consequences of Mendacity

The second impeachment of Donald Trump has all but eclipsed the ongoing catastrophe that political “going along” to get along has produced. Three thousand deaths daily, and with only 4% of the world’s population we now have 20% of the fatal outcomes. That figure does not contemplate the so-called excess deaths this year.

The chart below further exposes the ghastly reality that is colliding with GOP denial and posturing. (There are still those who refuse to wear masks!) I hope our Republican partisans will resolve to never again let a charismatic extremist leader escape accountability for the sake of solidarity.

It’s time for soul searching and truth. It’s time for genuine goodwill for the success of the elected administration. Those whe were complicit must make amends, go the extra mile, and act in good faith to heal and strengthen representative democracy. They must speak out against mendacity, disinformation, dirty tricks.

All is NOT fair in love, war, and politics. Lack of leadership and character is killing 3,000 of us a day.

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