A Strategy of Disinformation

One of the ways you can tell the good guys from the bad guys these days is by looking at what they do, that is, the actions they take, and asking yourself what values those actions represent. The right-wing media and certain pols are saying that President Biden has done nothing for the disastrous fires in Hawaii. Heather Cox Richardson, with a historian’s exactitude, documents what Biden has done.

Disinformation only works if people are not thinking critically, and misplace their trust. Those who misrepresent what Biden has done, lying about it, are writing for a political base they have successfully blinded to many realities. They don’t expect to persuade the rest of us.

How long they can keep the blinders on those folks and perpetuate their mass delusions is hard to know. But the rest of us must redouble our efforts to stay connected to reality and seek the truth.

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