A minute is not Enough

My early impression of Marianne Williamson was that she was just another opportunist building her celebrity status. I was wrong, as were most of the media pundits who mocked her.

The Democratic debates only served to make matters worse and ended up being a media spectacle with little substance and a ton of hype.

But some more thoughtful observers saw something that the rest of us missed. Williamson was speaking to the core problem of America. She alone among the hopefuls had a big vision of what we could and should be. Here’s what NY Times’ David Brooks saw:

And the LA Times:

And the Washington Post:

What she brings to the debate is too complex for the over-compressed and frenetic format of the debates. Her ideas, once understood, have the ring of authenticity. There is vision and a strong sense of what the soul of our nation truly is. It resonates.

Here in no particular order are video clips from interviews that raised challenging questions and gave Williamson time to make her point. See if you don’t find what she is saying compelling.

Vision is what’s missing from the political rhetoric–vision and soul. Williamson has awaked us to that.