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Biographies about Hillary Clinton

There is no shortage of print and video about Hillary Clinton. She has been a career politician all her adult life.  As President Obama observed she is probably the most qualified and experienced person ever to run for the office of President of the United States. But that also means that her every action has received scrutiny and her political adversaries have been on the attack for years. As a consequence it is hard to find biographies that are balanced and scholarly.  The New York Review of Books article Can We Know Her surveys several biographies and concludes that they fall short of capturing the essence of who she is. Carl Bernstein was interviewed on CNN and his remarks are worth watching: Carl Bernstein on CNN.

Carl Bernstein
Carl Bernstein

Hillary and Bill Clinton have been involved in a number of highly partisan scandal investigations. The Atlantic Magazine has an excellent factual summary article: The Clinton Scandals.

The two links below provide politically neutral biographical facts:


Biograpical Facts