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Gun Porn

What’s “Gun Porn”?

Television programs, magazine, books, etc. that are regarded as emphasizing the sensuous or sensational aspects of a nonsexual subject and stimulating a compulsive interest in their audience. [Usage example:] ‘a thrilling throwback to the golden age of disaster movies—weather porn of the highest order’ — “Porn” as defined in Oxford Dictionaries.

When I began my research for the essay Gun Sense I looked at a lot of YouTube amateur video showing people enthusiastically shooting watermelons, pumpkins, bottles of soda, and even propane bottles. The common factor was the explosion when the bullet smashed into the object. It reminded me of my first gun and how much I loved to shoot stuff at the age of ten.

As of boy I had a Daisy Red Rider 650 shot air gun. I learned the basics of handling a “real” gun safely. I was taught to presume that it always was loaded and cocked and never ever point it at anything I didn’t want to hurt.  Once I demonstrated the proper respect for its care and uses, I was allowed to shoot without adult supervision.

Kids will be kids, and I was no different. Target shooting escalated to tin cans and bottles. I quickly learned that shooting steel BBs at hard surfaces caused them to return from whence they came with stinging force. I survived and never “shot my eye out” as adults often predict when a kid has a BB rifle.

As a teen I attended NRA sanctioned marksmanship courses and learned the rules and practices of firing bullets from 22 caliber guns. On one or two occasions I’ve fired 32 caliber and 45 caliber semi-automatic pistols.  Need I say that the excitement of firing these serious weapons is vastly greater than shooting my Red Ryder?


There may be an addictive quality about the thrill of using tactical weapons. We live in an addictive society and there are many, many activities that stimulate our senses and give a rush of excitement or other satisfaction. We overeat, smoke, binge watch TV, and so on.



Video Game Addiction is actually a thing. It’s listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manal of the American Psychiatric Association. Playing video games is exciting and people get a rush from the very realistic simulations. One can develop a craving for that stimulation that makes playing the games become obsessive. The more visually realistic and dramatic, the bigger the rush.

Is it such a leap to think that activities involving the tools of real combat would give a similar rush?   The video clips that follow are selected for hundreds available on the web. As you watch, observe the people in the videos. What’s their affect? Are they excited? Could this become obsessive? Decide for yourself.







How’s your pulse?

These are videos of and by adults who have invested $500 or more in a firearm that is not for hunting and, though sometimes used for competitive marksmanship, is being used here as a kid uses a BB gun. It’s the civilian semi-automatic version of the military fully automatic M-16. Hardly a toy.

This is why I think “Gun Porn” is a thing, just like video game addiction, gambling addiction, and other activity addictions.