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During the winter of 2013-14 we traveled just over 10,000 miles and published a simple newsletter to keep friends and relatives posted on our experiences. These fortnightly emails contained photos, essays, and a running travelog about where we had been. The response was heartwarming and the newsletters prompted many to write to us about their own experiences.

Newsletter emails are always a matter of you choice and personal preferences.  You can subscribe and unsubscribe at will.  The content will generally be available here as well, so you can just delete them if you’re too busy when they arrive. We don’t expect that you will hang on our every utterance, and we’ll be flattered by your interest when you do find a moment to share with us.

Since we both write, we anticipate adding a couple of additional newsletters for friends who are interested. Below you’ll find an explanation of them. You can subscribe to any, all or none at any time.  The link is at the bottom of each newsletter and also here:


Travel Newsletter

This will continue to be a commentary on our inner and outer experiences as we travel. This is written for entertainment and to stay in touch with friends as we move from place to place. The content is generally lighter fare, whereas the other themes below are more weighty and less personal.

Civic Activities

Marguerite, and I , are active in our concerns about governance, democracy, social justice, poverty, and stewardship of humanity’s common wealth.  Occasionally we plan to share news of what we are reading and thinking.  Sign up for this list if you think you might be interested in the conversation.

In my case, I’ll use this as a “beta” test of ideas I am pondering for later publication on OpEdNews (see the link on the front page). Many of these newsletters will be just a few lines with a link to a post on this website where readers are invited to comment.

Et Cetera

These newsletters will be an diverse collection of personal notes and observations about life, arts, philosophy, books and whatever may capture our attention in the world about us. Not quite so casual as Facebook or other social media “updates” but similarly eclectic. These too may be just the executive summaries of something that appears here or elsewhere on the web.

If you sign up on this website (rbshreve.com) or on Marguerite’s (imaginepeace.rbshreve.com) you will be able to publish your own posts and comments. We would be delighted to host a dialog among our friends and acquaintances.



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