US Politics Explained

In a cogent ten-minute segment of a much longer program, Noam Chomsky offers a clear explanation of the US political situation and the forces driving it. Watch his low-key analysis and you’ll see that some of the happenings that leave us incredulous actually make perfect sense.

Using Chomsky’s frame for recent events, it easy to see why Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment do what they do. Control of US politics depends on not letting the popular majority rule.

McConnell’s actions to scuttle tamper-proof voting, to stack SCOTUS with like-minded justices, and to lavish economic benefits on large business interests is justified in his mind by the threat to the establishment posed by reform candidates who want America to deal with the pressing issues that will be economic disrupters: climate change, economic justice, etc.

The Dem establishment is also trying to avoid big ideas that would disrupt the status quo and risk losing wealthy backers. It’s the young upstarts who are championing change. Chomsky warns that failure to see what he sees could lead to the GOP winning in 2016.

All of us are being played. The manipulation is happening through the media and most of us are not yet savvy enough to see it, nor are we outraged enough to adjust our personal priorities to do anything about it. Our democracy is being dismantled while we are distracted by the daily political theater.

God save America.