February 26th

Dear Friend,

Our Grandbaby!

[brief video]

Virginia Eloise, our new granddaughter, offers her opinion on all the drama we adults busy ourselves with. (click the picture)


It was an eventful trip...

We had intentions of publishing this a couple of weeks ago, but the lazy pace of island life overcame us after the intensity of our travel and our first days here. The breakdown was a stressful adventure, and has prompted us to adopt a new travel strategy. But now that we are settled in Key West, we are loving it. We are getting to know our granddaughter and all is well.

Our eldest son, Mark Wilson, was sworn in as a Monroe County, FL judge on January 5th and already has a full schedule in court. Read more about our adventures and this proud moment in our blog post below.


Winter Travels Update

January 2018 Let’s just say this is not the New Year we expect.  Certainly, every journey begins with an intention and a destination, and we started on our winter travels with both.  Loading our Ford F350 diesel truck with everything we need for the next 3 ½ months, we hang our sole Christmas ornament over the mirror and leave Newtown …

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