Getting through these times ...



September 19th

Dear  Friends,

Don Muder's Weekly Sift is always a good read and this week is no exception. If you've soured on watching and/or reading the news you may still enjoy Don's analysis.

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These days I'm spending most of my "free" time supporting the Fair Districts PA organization. In six months it grew from 20 people to over 10,000. It's a project of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania that is working to educate Pennsylvanians about how our politicians (both the GOP and the Dems) use the process of drawing boundaries to gain control over the legislature and our representatives in Congress. The more you know the nastier it looks.

In my opinion, this cause is the highest leveraged civic activism that I am capable of contributing to. Gerrymandering is a direct attack on the ability of We the People to fulfill the promise of our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Find out more by visiting the Fair Districts PA website (click). If you agree with me, join! (Or support fair districting in you home state.)

Be well,




-- Richmond