October 25, 2016

Dear friends,

Instead of our usual year-end letter, we’ve decided to speak from our hearts about the current election and what it means to us.

We’ve written the essay that follows together—sharing our spiritual concerns  and our extensive analysis of the situation.  It’s divided into four sections:

  1. How did we get here?
  2. Personality vs. Character/Morality.
  3. Who benefits from our disconnection, confusion, and disillusionment?
  4. Values worth dying for?
  5. The concerns we have are not going away (no matter who wins).

We hope you’ll receive these thoughts in the spirit that we’ve intended —an invitation to ongoing inquiry. Our country is at a crucial turning point.


Marguerite and Richmond

Jonesborough Courthouse

("Election" Letter)


How did we get here?

Many of us are distressed with the current state of American politics, the ugliness, the bitterness, the distrust of the media, the candidates, the Congress, each other...


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