The "Silent" Minority

Trumpists are like the rest of us, only more so.


September 19th

Dear  Friends,

I hadn't planned to send this email to anyone who didn't sign up for my "civic concerns" essays, but Marguerite persuaded me to include everybody. Like many of you I've been following the political candidates, fretting about the divisiveness and the posturing, and wondering where the chaos and tribulations will take the ship of state.  Historical reformations usually are preceded by such disorder and strife. Could it be that we truly are witnessing the genesis of the 21st Century Enlightenment?

In the essay below I'm pondering three ideas:

• Trumpists are not so different from regular people - they are us, only more so.

• Marginalization and/or confrontation won't work to resolve the chaos.

• Compassion, empathy and inclusion will be the key to civic harmony.

If these points intrigue you, my 4,000 word tome may be interesting. You may even be motivated to explore some of the twenty-five links to related articles.

If you don't share my obsessive interest, I certainly understand and hope you don't mind my offering to share in this way.

Be well,


PS: I hope to be back home in Newtown the first week of May.

The "Silent" Minority

Disaffected, Angry and Fearful -- Since Donald J. Trump became a serious contender for the GOP nomination there have been many writers and a few academic studies that have sought to profile those who follow and support him.  We know a whole lot about what they don’t have in common: they aren’t all Republican, nor churched, nor old, nor male, nor …

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