2016 Travels:  Post #4


September 26th

Re:  ON THE ROAD WITH RBS & MC (2015-2016)

Dear  Friends,

Travel always serves up adventures, most good, some we'd as soon pass up. As I write our truck sits in the shop amid the various and sundry parts that were removed to diagnose its engine problem. The Ford Dealer is busy documenting the repair claim for our Extended Service Plan insurance. If the engine must be replaced (likely) they will actually lift the entire cab off the chassis to swap the bad engine for the new one. That's a $20,000 charge, and the insurance folks are understandably moving carefully and looking for cheaper options.

The "blessings" of our situation are many.  Austin is beautiful in its spring foliage and flowers, nights are cool and days are temperate. Bugs that detract from camping haven't emerged in force yet. So being stuck here for longer than planned is no hardship. We do have to relocate the trailer to a different campground, but I found one operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers at the Belton reservoir 30 miles north of town that looks beautiful. I'm very grateful to be handling all this from the safety and comfort of camp -- had the problem not been detected we could have been at the side of the interstate arranging for towing of both truck and trailer.

The "teaser" below will take you to my website and the full length post that describes our travels since our last newsletter. Click "read more" and enjoy. And when you have a moment let us know what's new with you. 



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