Machines and People

How does our automated environment change us?

by Richmond Shreve


September 26th


Re:  The Internet of Things and Us

Dear  Friends,

Since the crash of the German airliner in a apparent suicide by the co-pilot, there has been heightened attention on automated flight and other ways in which our machines could make us safer.  I think our machines are fast moving from being our tools to being our collaborators. Could they soon become better than us? 

Ponder this with me ...



philco transistors

Machines that Think

When I was a kid in high school sixty years ago the transistor had just been invented and transistor radios were a novelty. In 1960 when I graduated from the US Navy’s Electronics School they devoted only one week out of 28 to the transistor “because you might run across them someday” in the military gear we were being trained …

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