2016 Travels:  Post #1


September 19th


Re:  Provisioning

Dear  Friends,

Leaving home for three and a half months is a logistical exercise.  What papers do I need to file my taxes? What medications? There are so many details and forgetting one can be a big inconvenience later on.   I've made a habit of preparing a "load list" a few weeks in advance and every time I think of something I should take along I put it on the list.  But, alas, even with all that preparation something gets left behind.  Last year it was the charger for my laptop computer.

As I write this our fifth wheel is in the Pennswood Village lot.  I brought it up on Friday, opened the slide-outs, turned on the refrigerator (it runs on propane), and set the furnace to 50 so the bottles of water and wet foods wouldn't freeze. Then on Saturday we trucked the food from our apartment out there, followed by our clothes and other personal gear.

This summer I made modifications to the trailer and built a box for the truck bed so that I could easily connect and run my little gasoline generator in any weather.   I was pleased that it worked perfectly Saturday.

So by the time most of you read this on Sunday we will be rolling down I-95 headed for our first stop in Emporia, VA.  At the campground we will sanitize and flush out the RV antifreeze that keeps the pump and pipes from freezing and fill the fresh water tank. Once the water heater is filled all the systems that make the trailer a full featured home on wheels will be in operation.

For the next 8,000 miles we'll be very cozy in just 333 square feet of living space.


This year we plan to spend Christmas in St. Petersburg, FL with Marguerite's step mother, and then continue on to Key West. In February we will come north to Vero Beach before heading west to Austin, Texas. 

We wish you all joy and happiness in this holiday season.  We'll keep you posted on what we are up to, and look forward to getting news from all of you.

Richmond and Marguerite