September 26th


Re:  The Inner Journey

Dear  Friends,

Our travel as we cover the miles in our RV is not only physical.  It’s always been a journey of the mind and spirit as well.  We go from place to place and are touched by new communities. What we see and experience enriches us and prompts us to think. And as travelers, away from the business of home, we have time.

In this blog post I’m writing about what delights us, what inspires us, what happens when we shift the cultural “game” we’re playing from “MORE” to “BETTER,” what work makes all other work possible, and what really matters in the end.  I’m inviting you to engage in a dialog with me about increasing the kindness and respect in our communities—in our families, with our friends and neighbors, in our country.  Let’s see if we can find a way!  

                                                          Peace, Marguerite


Fire Ball at St. Lucie County Fair







"I heard no call, Father," I said. "I came here as a stranger, and I came by chance."

"Was it as a stranger and by chance you wept?" he said, then let me wonder at his words a while before he spoke again. "When a man leaves home, he leaves behind some scrap of his heart. Is it not so, Godric? . . . It's the same with a place a man is going to. Only then he sends a scrap of his heart ahead."

- Originally published in Godric by Frederick Buchener

This quote pretty much says how it is for us: when we leave Pennswood, we leave a scrap of our heart behind (as we did when we left our home in Cape May Point and before that, Somerville). And each place we go, we send a scrap of our heart ahead.

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