September 26th

Dear  Friends and Family,

We have been in Key West for a week now. Here's our newsletter.

We hope this finds you well and that you enjoy these glimpses of what we've experienced along the way. We are mostly engaged in doing very ordinary things, Marguerite has been participating in an online workshop, and I have been doing the bookkeeping work necessary to preparing our tax filing and managing our financial affairs. We sleep late when we want to, go for walks, shop for groceries, do the housekeeping chores, get the truck serviced, and wash the clothes. Yet it seems quite extraordinary to be doing these things in this place feeling no pressure to see or do tourist stuff. We will be here long enough that we feel no fear of missing out. We look forward to days of working on our writing projects.

We hope you will share with us what's happening in your life. Please stay in touch.

Be well, and mind the Light,

Richmond and Marguerite

Sunset on Geiger Key

Onward to Key West


Two days before leaving Austin, we get an email from a new Pennswood resident, Nancy Arnold. The joy of Pennswood is that we keep meeting interesting, engaging people. We learn that Nancy’s brother Carl and his wife Irene live in Austin. He’s an adolescent psychologist. Irene’s in charge of the Science textbooks for the state of TX. They agree to meet us for dinner—delightful people we definitely want to introduce to Adam and Caroline. They live in a neighborhood near the Griffin School.

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