Austin or Bust

by Marguerite Chandler


September 19th

Dear  Friends,

We are doing our travel blog differently this year.  Instead of mailing lengthy posts to each of our friends, we will be sending just a brief 'heads-up' email with a link to the full post complete with photo galleries and perhaps even video content. You can read as much or as little as you like, and the post will remain on Richmond's website, The Generalist, indefinitely.

Our trip from Newtown to Austin had its adventures, as you will see, but we arrived safe and sound.  We hope you enjoy the ride vicariously.

Marguerite and Richmond
Austin, Texas - January 20, 2015

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Austin or Bust!

Winter Journey  (1/19/15)

Dear friends,

Many of you asked that we again write a blog about our winter journeying.  This year’s trip will be quite different I suspect—more internal than external.  We’ve decided to stay in three locations for a month at a time, using our RV as home base.  Many also wished us a much less adventurous start than last year.  Read on and see. . .but if you don’t have time or interest, that’s OK too.

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