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Trans Pacific Partnership

The Trans Pacific Partnership  (TPP) is supported by large multinational corporations and feared by many progressives. Although details of the complex document are supposed to be classified and not available to the press, Wikileaks has obtained portions and the NY Times and others are now able to report on some of the provisions.

Here are links to some of the articles I am reading:

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All the wrong people seem to like TPP. The fear mongers are telling us we should worry about China if it doesn’t pass, the progressives say it will cost jobs and give too much power to big multinational corporations. Much of the opinion is speculation because details are secret. Plus, the administration is trying to fast-track it, presumably because if everyone has time to think about it they are sure to find stuff they don’t like and will endlessly debate and bicker over it. I guess we just “stay tuned” and keep a watchful eye for informed opinion.