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Trump as Holden Caulfield

The John Young column today compares the tweets of DJT to J D Salinger’s famous character in Catcher in the Rye.

John has it right, mostly.  But I think he missed something about DJT’s approach to the world. In it the strength and weakness of all entrepreneurs: they act without a fully detailed plan. The have consummate confidence in their ability to figure out next steps on the fly.

Often when an entrepreneur is starting a venture, there is no precedent and there are many who say it can’t be done. The entrepreneur ignores the naysayers until harsh reality forces a revision to the vision. Many of the entrepreneurs I have known had no business plan — at least not until some banker or investor demanded one. They actually didn’t know the path until they made the first moves.

So it may be with the new administration. Trump starting each day looking for an opportunity to make a move.  Trouble is, this entrepreneurial method has poor odds of success.  There is a reason that three out of four new ventures fail.

Despite Trump’s story of his personal success, he has left a trail of “losers” in his wake. He takes care of himself and sometimes his closest cronies, but others must beware and keep their leverage.

Maybe John Young should consult Ayn Rand: ““I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”
Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

The Yearly Sift

Those who follow my posts know that I am a regular reader of Doug Muder’s Weekly Sift. His analysis is well grounded and reflects the sort of critical thinking I admire. He says, “…prognostication has never been the primary purpose of the Weekly Sift. (In fact, one of my major criticisms of mainstream media is that it spends too much time on speculation, rather than telling us what is happening and why.) Primarily, I’m trying to cut through the hype and propaganda to focus my readers’ attention on what is real and give them tools to think about it effectively. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to know what will happen next, because I certainly don’t.”

Muder, unlike many other bloggers, does not go for “click bait” hype and drama. He looks to see what’s hard to understand and interpret and tackles it head-on. He reads widly. He thinks. He’s disciplined. When he doesn’t know, he says so. All of which make his blog worthy of time and thought.

(go to The Yearly Sift 2016 – by Doug Muder)

Saving Democracy by Resisting Trump

As the Trump transition team took shape and began constructing the 45th President’s Administration it became clear that the values and objectives represented in the appointments were a threat to American democracy.  This alarming realization is spreading and the public response is unprecedented.

A resistance movement has begun.  Here are links to “How To Resist” articles and materials: Continue reading Saving Democracy by Resisting Trump

Not in My Backyard?

From The Nation 2/2014: Tillerson’s hypocracy:

Fancy a side of irony with your corporate hypocrisy? Last night on MSNBC, Nation Editor-at-Large Chris Hayes profiled ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, a vocal proponent of hydraulic fracking, who is suing to prevent the construction of a water tower near his eighty-three-acre, $5 million horse ranch in Bartonville, Texas. The purpose of the tower? Storing water for fracking. Tillerson and his super-wealthy neighbors are concerned, the lawsuit states, that the fracking tower might “devalue their properties and adversely impact the rural lifestyle they sought to enjoy.” As Hayes put it, “Rex Tillerson is leading the fracking revolution, just not in his backyard.”
Sam Adler-Bell

It takes a couple of million gallons of water to hydraulically fracture (Frack) each drill hole. There are six, eight, twelve holes per drill pad.

The “Angry Man” Has Spoken

You’ve gotten viral email like this.  The vertical bars in the left margin signify that it has been copied and forwarded at least eight times. It resonated with many people who wanted to share it with their friends because it says something they wish everyone got and understood.  I’m posting it because it reveals a lot about how Donald Trump won the hearts and minds of so many who venerate the “Angry Man” in America. (Don’t trouble to read the tiny print of the image, I’ve quoted it all below.) Continue reading The “Angry Man” Has Spoken

The Power of Fear

Fear has been a major component in the 2016 political campaign and continues to be a tactic of the Trump team as they prepare for him to take office.  All of us need to understand how fear can cause us to make bad choices. But we also need to learn how to combat it. What follows is an excellent video that demonstrates how fear was used as a tactic in the campaign.  The remainder of this post is remarks about Fear and Faith shared by Marguerite Chandler, my spouse, at the Newtown Friends Meeting this morning. Continue reading The Power of Fear

Can Chaos be a Blessing?

Each passing day brings headlines that foretell looming chaos and troubles sure to arise from Donald Trump’s White House tenure.  His supporters commonly say that they ignored all his faults and voted for him because he would shake up the Washington Elite.

Be careful what you ask for, I say, but I’m open to the chaos producing something new if we all stay engaged. Renowned economist Tim Harford explains that embracing chaos and mess is the only way to be truly creative, innovative and resilient. Listen and see what your think. (Click for 1 hour Audio Talk) Continue reading Can Chaos be a Blessing?