Political Satire After the Election

This is offered without comment.  Here are links to a selection of the television political satirists reacting to the election results and the first week of the transition. There are other items of interest as well – just whatever I was moved to watch as I processed the tragedy of our democracy making a grave mistake. Should I say enjoy, or just grit your teeth and deal with it?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coIKUVJuRY8 sam harris  Clown car of incompetents and idiologs.
https://youtu.be/f0KLJoh5-Os Trevor Noah on Cabinet
https://youtu.be/5tKOV0KqPlg Trevor Noah Trump – Zuma
https://youtu.be/yve_oz-D5nI Samantha Bee Trump Cabinet
https://youtu.be/pKDBAgTBsOA Steven Colbert – Don’t be Afraid